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A Different Kind of Resolution by Brittany Rose

posted by Michelle Bell | January 10, 2018

Many times I try to make a goal for myself—usually fitness/health related—for the New Year. It switches back and forth all year long between trying to eat better, workout often, less carbs, more veggies, etc. depending on what family changes we want to make at that time. This year I decided to do something new, something to make me stop and think about being a better person and affecting lives around me in a positive way.

Since becoming a parent and reading all kinds of articles, I really have tried to incorporate all the things we were taught in the good ole' days from our parents, and be willing to change and integrate real life scenarios from our fast growing, ever changing society. Since I'm around not just Calee, but other youth and teens as well, I want to learn other ways I can teach kids be happy, creative, social and responsible.

Our brains naturally notice the times kids are uncooperative and misbehaving. We get upset, we point out the mistake, we correct them and we go about our next task or errand. We stop noticing, however, when kids consistently follow directions, or complete something without being reminded. So when we get what we want our brain doesn't alert us to pay attention. My goal now is to start to notice and pay attention to those little things.

I want to give kids praise and thank them for doing the right thing. Of course mistakes will happen, which lead to those teachable moments that are also important for growth. But the more we can set kids up to be successful, the more they will be willing to try new and different things. The goal then is to see positive results not just for us at home, but at school, outside groups, sports and everyday life as well.

-by Brittany Rose, Camping Services Director ​