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Beauty is Everywhere by Ethan Christiansen

posted by Michelle Bell | March 08, 2017

For the entire Carlisle High School swim season, my team and I had been “cookin’” in practice. We worked our tails off everyday at practice and when competing in meets. With an amazing coach and swimmers, we all had a great time.

The spectacular season had an even more unbelievable ending.

This past Saturday was the last day of PIAA District 3 Swimming Championships. Three of my teammates and I headed to the starting blocks for our 400-yard freestyle relay. We were in the last heat of the very last event of the day. I could feel the stress from everyone watching and so could everyone else behind the blocks.

In all the excitement I had failed to notice the official who had been verifying our names before the race. He was none other than Bob Ross himself. I immediately pointed him out to the boys on the relay. Amazed by his presence, we forgot about the audience and saw nothing but beauty in the race. We swam with everything we had and finished by breaking the school record. The meet ended with a bang and left me with a race I will never forget.

-by Ethan Christiansen, Carlisle YMCA Aquatic Association Sharks Swimmer

Note: Ethan and the rest of the Carlisle High School swimmers practice at the Y twice a week, and many of them are Y members and compete on the CYAA Sharks Swim Team as well. Ethan and teammates Isaiah Bell, Max Fiorentino and Devon Chenot will be competing at the PIAA State Championships at Bucknell University on March 17-18. The foursome also qualified for YMCA Short Course Nationals in Greensboro, N.C. in April. ​