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Summer Fun and Fitness by Jay Cattron

posted by Michelle Bell | July 05, 2017

Vacations, holidays and lazy days at the pool… That is what summer is, but don’t forget about getting your exercise in! You have worked so hard over the winter to get in shape—both to feel better and look better— so don’t let the nice weather bring the laziness back.

Sure, it is tough to do. You may not be able to fit in your normal routine or make it to your normal class, but change is good (isn’t it)? With the world of YouTube and fitness classes on demand, full body 30-minute workout routines are a dime a dozen (dance, strength, yoga, cardio etc.). Try one! It is amazing the workout you can get in just 30 minutes with your own body weight. But Jay, I don’t have 30 minutes! Well guess what? They have now created 3-, 5-, 10- and even 15-minute workout routines. You don’t get as much rest in between exercises, but they will do the trick and kick your butt. So no more excuses!

I am sure you have heard the saying “work smarter not harder” as it relates to your job. Well that saying holds water in exercise too. You do not need to spend an hour and a half in the gym (most of which is probably done working out your jaw or taking breaks) if you work out smarter and more efficient. Here are a few ways to be more efficient:

  • Try pairing multiple exercises together before you take a break (commonly called supersetting). Perform an upper body exercise (i.e. pushups) and then go right into a lower body exercise (i.e. lunges). Perform 2 to 3 sets and then take a 20-30 second break before supersetting another two muscle groups.
  • Try pairing a strength exercise (i.e. squats) with a cardio exercise (i.e. jump rope) and follow the same sets / breaks as above.
  • If you are short on time, perform compound exercises (movements that involve multiple joints) like deadlifts, squats, pushups, pullups, planks, etc. Stay away from single joint exercises on the days you are rushed (bicep curls, tricep press, leg curl, etc.) as you work those muscles in the compound exercises.

By trying the three options above you are:

  • Cutting your workout time in half (less breaks) and you won’t be able to talk to other folks as much because you will be winded (win win).
  • Eliminating the need for 30- 40 minutes of cardio after your weight lifting day as you just kept your heart rate elevated for the duration of your 30-minute workout. Make sure to still get in your warm up and cool down and get your cardio in on your off days.
  • Doing less exercises overall thanks to the compound exercises (meaning less workout time) and getting the same, if not better, overall workout.

I hope the tips above will keep you on track this summer during your vacations, holidays and lazy days by the pool!

P.S. As Jim Mader always says, “Remember you can never outwork a bad diet!”

-by Jay Cattron, Physical Director ​