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Saying Good-bye by Courtney Crowl

posted by Michelle Bell | August 08, 2018

I’ve enjoyed working for the Carlisle Family YMCA over the past three years. I’ve been very fortunate to have a job that I enjoyed going to every day.

First, there are the awesome kids I get to hang out with. I get to play—seriously play—and get paid to do it! The other day we had a water balloon battle. Sometimes I get to kayak with the kids at New Frontiers. I play dodgeball, shoot archery, have dance parties, go on awesome field trips and so much more! These activities are awesome, but doing them with the kids is so much fun. I’m a firm believer that we need to spend more time with the younger generations, providing a stable, positive influence. When we can be a positive role model, we should be. I’ve loved getting to know all of the kids over these past four summers at Day Camp, and three school years in the SACC Program.

I’ve met so many amazing families here at the Y, whether they are families of children that participate in some of my programs, families of kids my kids have played sports with or families I have been a part of coaching, we have so many wonderful families that are a part of our YMCA. I have a hard time going anywhere in public without seeing someone that I have met through the Y. It’s an awesome community to be a part of.

Then we have the staff here. The people I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past three years have been some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Before working here, I had been a stay at home mom for seven years I was so out of touch with being a working mom. I was extremely nervous, but the staff welcomed me with open arms and has always been there to help me with whatever I needed. It has been amazing to meet such a kind group of selfless people.

Sadly, my last day of work with the Y is on Friday, as my family is relocating to North Carolina. The hardest part about moving for me is leaving this amazing community. I can always visit the friends and family that live here. Sure, I can also visit the Y. In fact I’ll be back for the CenturyLink Turkey Trot! Unfortunately, I won’t get to see so many of my favorite families that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over these past three years.

I am extremely grateful for my time spent working at the Carlisle Family YMCA. I am a better person for having had this experience. Thank you all!

-by Courtney Crowl, Day Camps and SACC Director ​