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Fall Family Fun by Brittany Rose

posted by Michelle Bell | October 11, 2017

My love for fall grows more and more each year now that there are so many fun things to do with Calee, our 2½ -year-old, who now can walk more often, and only fights me sometimes to get back in the stroller. She only kind of yells in large crowds about not having enough fruit snacks or yogurt for our trips, and I only have to tell about 10 times not to touch something instead of … “for the hundredth time, please don’t touch that.” We are so blessed to have a large variety of local fruit stands, fall fests, craft shows, etc. in our neighboring communities. Here are just a few that we have gotten to see so far, but the list is endless.

Gettysburg Fall Outdoor Antique Show

This year was the first time I went to the antique markets in Gettysburg. The streets are still the normal busy because they don’t close them down, but the sidewalks are full of vendors, antiques, crafts, food, etc. We ventured around, and ended up in Gallery 30, a cute store full of so many cool things. After sitting all day and behaving it was one place I could let Calee touch and pick something for her as a prize. We also went to their local market with local grown food, food trucks and crafts for kids – and our first macaroni necklace was made.

Harvest of the Arts

My first time going to Carlisle’s Harvest of the Arts Festival was such a fun time! We ran into other families and campers that we haven’t seen in a while. It provided a lot of vendors and activities for kids and for adults.

Meadowbrooke Gourds

We got to the sunflowers early enough this year before the first frost so they were high and open. I had the pleasure of going there two times—once for fun and picking, and a second time to do maternity pictures for my sister-in-law. I highly recommend it for pictures, they turned out great.

Ashcombe Farm & Greenhouses

Ashcombe’s has a super fun play area and animal petting (if they are willing) for kids. Calee loved it, and we did family dinner right next door at T.J. Rockwell’s. Ashcombe’s also has weekend events for families up until November.

More Trips Planned

We haven’t made it to all of the places we want to visit yet. Here are some others that are on our list:

  • Paulus Farm Market
  • Pine Grove Fall Fest – Oct 20-22
  • Boo at the Zoo, Lake Tobias – Oct 28
  • Carlisle Family YMCA’s Community Day Open House has lots of fun activities for the family – Oct 28

Take some time to explore the local events going on in the area with your family. Though some days don’t feel like fall yet, there are still many photos to be taken and memories to be had.

-by Brittany Rose, Camping Services Director