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Finding My Way to a Fitness Routine by Courtney Crowl

posted by Michelle Bell | November 08, 2017

I’ve never enjoyed working out. As a child, I tried many different sports, but never felt like I was the athletic type. I’m not coordinated, and I have a talent for tripping over air. Because of this, finding my fitness routine always has been a challenge, which can be very discouraging.

At the end of camp season, I knew I had to make some changes. My diet has always been on the healthy side, but I knew I needed to find my fitness routine. I started talking with a lot of my co-workers about their fitness routines, and found some classes that work for me. My favorite classes are Body Pump and TRX. I have more fun with Body Pump, but TRX pushes me to work muscle groups that I would never have thought to work before.

I’ve also added a good cardio routine. I have never enjoyed running. Ever. In high school, I would dread going to school on the days when we had to run the mile. I still dread running. I have hip and knee issues, so running isn’t the greatest for me. I have discovered that I love the elliptical. I can do 3 miles and not be in pain afterwards. A lot of discovering what works for me in my fitness routine is trying new things. Just because running outside or on a treadmill doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean the elliptical wouldn’t.

The great thing about working out at the Carlisle Family YMCA is that you will see people of all fitness levels working out together. When I first tried the TRX classes, I struggled with most of the exercises. The other class members and the instructor have always been so helpful and encouraging! I can’t even begin to tell you how motivating that is to me. I still send an evil glare in the direction of the instructor anytime she mentions the words, “toes in,” but I’m getting there.

I’ve tried to get into a fitness routine many times before, but this is the longest stretch I have ever stuck to one. One of the biggest motivators for me was ditching my scale and measuring tape. I’m not judging my journey on weight loss and inches lost or gained, I’m basing it on how I feel. And I feel good!

-by Courtney Crowl, SACC and Day Camps Director ​