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Assigned Resolutions by Justin Rose

posted by Michelle Bell | December 06, 2017

In Steve Chandler’s book, “100 Ways to Motivate Yourself,” there seem to be two major themes. The first theme most commonly referred to by Chandler is the need for a plan. The second theme is having a healthy attitude in relation to your stated goal. I would agree that having goals and a healthy attitude are major factors for success in almost anything. I would also argue that they are actually co-dependent. However, there is one more piece to this puzzle that I want you to consider as we enter the annual Resolution Making season.

According to Shalley, Oldham, Porac, a recent study found that individuals with assigned goals were more motivated than individuals that participated in their own goal setting. I find that any type of goal setting can be effective at creating motivation, whether assigned or created. It is interesting that assigned goals create more motivation. I would say that this particular distinction in the goal setting process is the missing piece of the puzzle!

This year, when you are making your annual resolutions, tell someone. In fact, tell anyone, or make an announcement at the family Christmas Dinner. Then have someone assign you a task that will help you achieve your stated resolution. If you are feeling ambitious, ask everyone around the table to assign you a task.

If the evidence is correct, you not only will have created a goal for yourself, but you now will have been assigned a goal as well. With this new foolproof plan, you will hopefully find yourself overflowing with motivation to meet your New Year’s Resolution.

-by Justin Rose, Senior Program Director ​