Cycle for a Cure

​Count the miles you bike - inside or outside - from September 16-22 and make a donation to help find a cure for prostate cancer. All of your donation will be given to the PA Prostate Cancer Coalition.


  1. Make a commitment to donate any amount per mile that you ride (inside and/or outside).
  2. Bike as much as you can between Sept. 16-22, 2018.
  3. Tally your total number of miles and then multiply by the amount you committed to give per mile.
  4. Make a donation directly to the PA Prostate Cancer Coalition by visiting and clicking the red “Donate” box. Be sure to include the Carlisle Family YMCA in the comment section so they can track the donation to the Cycle for the Cure challenge and we can get a grand total for everyone who contributed. If you would prefer mailing a check, make your check payable to PA Prostate Cancer Coalition and mail it to: PA Prostate Cancer Coalition, 36 Wickerberry Lane, Palmyra PA 17378.

EXAMPLE: Sally commits to donating $1 per mile she rides. Sally rides 5 miles outside on Monday and then takes Maximum RPMs with DeLo on Wednesday and Cycle ‘N Sweat with Elisse on Friday. She bikes a total of 19 miles in the two classes. She adds that to her 5 miles outside for a total of 24 miles so she donates $24 to the PA Prostate Cancer Coalition.

  • Ages: All ages
  • Member Fee: Donation
  • Sessions: September 16-22, 2018