English Channel Virtual Swim Challenge

Have you ever wanted to swim across the English Channel? Since it’s a little far to travel, would you settle for a virtual swim? All participants who swim 21 miles—or 37,000 yards—from January 1 - February 17 will receive a T-shirt to mark the accomplishment. Participants will log their yardage on our online challenge tracker and a chart also will be posted on the far side of the pool to track progress. We will count how many days it takes to complete the challenge to determine our winners, so you can start anytime during the challenge! Participants will compete in two age groups--18 and under and 19 and over--and the top finisher in each group wins a prize. Why not make this your New Year’s resolution?​


  • Ages: All ages welcome
  • Member Fee: $10
  • Location: Carlisle Family YMCA Indoor Pool
  • Sessions: January 1 - February 17, 2018