PA State Alliance

​The Pennsylvania State Alliance of Ys is an unincorporated alliance of Ys in the State of Pennsylvania. The purpose is:

  • to foster statewide communication and cooperation among Ys.
  • to gain consensus on issues of importance to the Y.
  • to make policy and decision makers aware of the Y's mission and programs and gain recognition as a leader on issues that affect children and families.
  • to advocate on behalf of the children and families served by the Y
  • to protect the operating integrity of the Y organization in order to carry out its mission.

Facts about Ys in Pennsylvania:

  • Pennsylvania has more Ys than any other state – 75 corporate and 85 branches
  • Ys serve nearly 900,000 people across the state in urban, suburban and rural communities
  • Nearly $29 million is raised annually for scholarships, subsidies and other community services just in Pennsylvania Ys
  • Pennsylvania Ys are the largest provider of child care in the state
  • Over 28,000 people volunteer their time serving as child care aids, swim instructors, tutors, mentors, coaches and chaperones. Others serve on boards and committees, providing their skills, talents and leadership.

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Justin Rose, Associate Executive Director

717 243 2525 ext 226