The Mentoring Project

The Mentoring Project ( seeks to respond to the American crisis of fatherlessness by inspiring and equipping faith communities to mentor fatherless youth. Through dynamic trainings, mentor recruitment and the creation of sustainable mentoring communities, TMP is rewriting the story of a generation. We can’t bring back all the fathers, but we can provide mentors to step in their place.

Area churches, local school districts, educational institutions and mentoring agencies have come together to address the growing issue of fatherlessness in our community with the Y serving as the hub.

Donald Miller, founder of The Mentoring Project, says, “[The story of the fatherless generation] does not have to be cyclical. It can end with fewer men in prison, less families abandoned and the fatherless being cared for by positive role models who believe...that we can choose to live a better story.”

How Can You Be Involved?

  • Refer a youth, typically a boy between the ages of 7-14 without a father in the home, to be mentored. Fatherless girls are also matched with women and boys/girls can be matched with families.
  • Learn more about what a TMP mentor looks like and if you might be a fit to potentially change a child’s life through mentoring.
  • Get your church involved. Each faith community will have a church liaison who will seek mentors in the church and support mentors in matches.

In Cumberland County children are on a waiting list for mentors. They are mostly fatherless boys who have been signed up for mentors by their mothers. Statistics tells us these fatherless youth are the most at-risk to become pregnant, use drugs, be incarcerated, drop out of school or commit suicide. Will you help us end the waiting list?

This program is led in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region.

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Matt Tuckey