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A Lesson from Our Founders by Cate Mellen

posted by Michelle Bell | 9/20/2017

Yesterday, the Carlisle Family YMCA held its Annual Meeting, which serves as both a business meeting in which our Board…

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Functional Fixedness by Justin Rose

posted by Michelle Bell | 9/13/2017

​Recently, I had the fortune to attend a YMCA training with 12 other YMCA professionals from around the state. Each…

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Vacation Days: Use Them, Don’t Lose Them by Jay Cattron

posted by Michelle Bell | 9/06/2017

Where has summer gone?

It seems this is said every year right after Labor Day. Everyone looks forward to the warm…

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Weight Loss One Step, App Entry and Food Swap at a Time by Amy Herd

posted by Michelle Bell | 8/30/2017

It was my birthday back in May. I was hitting a zero ending birthday this year and it wasn't 30. The sun was going to…

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Saying Goodbye to Summer by Courtney Crowl

posted by Michelle Bell | 8/23/2017

At the beginning of June, I shared a blog about my favorite time of year – summer camp. As we just wrapped up the 2017…

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Light in Darkness: Reflections on Charlottesville by Kevin Washington

posted by Michelle Bell | 8/16/2017

The events in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend were a stark reminder of the chasm between our nation’s founding…

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Things that Make Ya Go Hmmm…by Amy Herd

posted by Michelle Bell | 8/09/2017

I feel sorry for anyone attempting to learn the English language. We have words that do not translate to other languages.…

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Primed for Success by Justin Rose

posted by Michelle Bell | 8/02/2017

I’m sure many of you know that each of our realities is skewed by our subconscious. However, I would venture to guess…

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The Purge by Michelle Bell

posted by Michelle Bell | 7/26/2017

Can I just say that getting older is annoying sometimes? Don’t get me wrong, I love having more wisdom than I did in…

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How the YMCA Changed Me by Tyler Getz

posted by Michelle Bell | 7/19/2017

​I have been employed by the Carlisle Family YMCA for a little over three years now. It has been nothing short of a…

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