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Get Your Kids Outside by Brittany Nissley

posted by Michelle Bell | 2/22/2017

We are finally starting to see some warmer weather sneaking back into existence! My social media pages were flooded with…

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American Heart Month Tips: Sodium Reduction

posted by Michelle Bell | 2/15/2017

February is American Heart Month, and as a leading community-based organization dedicated to improving the nation’s…

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Kids and Expensive Crackers by Amy Herd

posted by Michelle Bell | 2/08/2017

I love my kids. They make me laugh, make me cry, make we want to pull out my hair sometimes and occasionally make me purchase…

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Habits + Intentions = Lasting Change by Justin Rose

posted by Michelle Bell | 2/01/2017

​With the start of the New Year, I am often asked how individuals can make lasting change. As many of you would guess,…

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The Strange Glowing Orange Ball in the Sky by Michelle Bell

posted by Michelle Bell | 1/25/2017

If I had to pick my favorite season of the year I would have a hard time choosing between spring and fall. All you summer…

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​Going the Distance by Jeanna Som

posted by Michelle Bell | 1/19/2017

Ouch! This is freezing!! Why am I doing this? Why did I think I could swim this distance!

These were just a few…

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Exercise Benefits More Than Just Your Appearance by Bekah VanZandt

posted by Michelle Bell | 1/11/2017

Someone tagged you in a picture they posted online. The instant that notification pops up a nervous feeling in the pit…

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Final CrossFit Numbers by Amy Herd

posted by Michelle Bell | 1/04/2017

Well this is it the final installment of the CrossFit Files! A full year of keeping track of numbers of exercises is complete.…

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Transitioning Back to Work after Having a Baby by Brittany Nissley

posted by Michelle Bell | 12/28/2016

If you’ve recently had a baby, you may have experienced just how quickly the maternity leave goes. It’s unclear which…

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Stinky Potatoes and DIY Projects by Brittany Rose

posted by Michelle Bell | 12/21/2016

I have contemplated what to write about, but since I love this time of year I'll stick with the theme of being thankful.…

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